What People are Saying


Book signing at Oasis Art Gallery, illustrations for "LIttle Lala"

Book signing at Oasis Art Gallery
Illustrations for “LIttle Lala”

“Patty Makatura of Makatura Murals rocks my world.  She made magic in my house when my daughter was born…painting plain white walls with a safari’s worth of animals.  When I mentioned that my husband and I were engaged in Paris, she suggested an Eiffel Tower painting as well.  Why not, so simple, right?  And she did it without the blink of an eye.  I may not have the loot to live on the water, or even afford a water view for that matter, but I’ve got Patty.  She took another boring wall above my bathtub and turned it into a lakeside fantasy land complete with boats, mountain views and a lakeside garden of orchids.  Bathing is a whole new experience now!  And Patty Makatura comes in and out of your house like Mary Poppins…a little magic fairy dust here, a swipe of perfectly placed paint there.  So now I can be in the African tundra, the Parisian streets and my lakeside estate at the same time.  Ah, bliss.”
Lauren, Seattle, WA

“Patty is amazing! She painted a mural in my newborn daughter’s room. I wanted a painting that would grow with my daughter, that was gender neutral, and that had an outdoor theme. Patty created the perfect Northwest scene, with mountain and water landscapes and animals. It is gorgeous, cheerful, and playful. The level of detail is astounding. Patty finished the project on time and stayed within our agreed upon budget. She was so easy to work with, even when I changed my mind a few times about what I wanted. She was gracious and professional throughout the whole project. I couldn’t be happier!”
Lisa, Seattle, WA

“Patty is a gifted and inspired artist who took our ideas and created a beautiful space that will continue to stir our daughter’s imagination over many years.”
Robin, Seattle. WA

“The floorcloth you painted for us is so realistic that it feels like walking through a field of wildflowers. It is simply gorgeous. Thank you so much.”
Joyce, Palmerton, PA

“We have commissioned Patty to create a range of unique and meaningful projects, from a ‘stained glass’ effect ceiling mural to a personalized, hand painted cane. She resurfaced and brought to life our uninspired fireplace, memorialized through portrait a beloved family cat, and captured on canvas the landscape of coastal Maine.  Each piece has been meticulously rendered, with attention to every detail requested. Patty synthesizes our  design concepts, then exceeds expectations by including even more depth and beauty than imagined. These pieces already have become family heirlooms and, as such, our appreciation and admiration for Patty’s sensitivity and talent is unparalleled.”
Laurie, Seattle, WA

“I had Patty create a custom mural for my long-time client at her home on Mercer Island. Patty listened and understood exactly what we were looking for and executed the mural perfectly. The client was so pleased with Patty’s work, that she hired Patty to do a second mural at her other home in California.”
Kirsten, Satterberg Desonier Dumo Interior Design, Seattle, WA

“Patty Makatura is highly skilled in both her creativity and execution of murals and commissioned paintings. We hired her to paint a mural on one wall of our gallery and she did an incredible job of listening to our concept, working diligently, and completing the project on time and within her quote. Patty has also been a featured artist at our gallery for three years and we always find her to be professional, reliable, and providing high quality work.”
Alex Strazzanti, of former Oasis Gallery, Seattle, WA

“I hired Patty to create a mural in a garden shed… Patty worked diligently to create options and come up with the EXACT mural that I wanted… Patty’s knowledge and skill also inspired my creative side and I have solicited her time for independent art study. I always look forward to the time she provides and the knowledge that I gain under her guidance! As an artist, she’s the top of my list for any projects that come along!”
Alexis, Seattle, WA

“Patty did great work in faux painting our powder room so that it truly is in keeping with the Tuscan feel of our home.  She is a true artist and provides thoughtful ideas in texture and color – she also gets input along the way to ensure the end product will be appreciated.”
Deborah, Seattle, WA


“My daughter, Lizzy started taking lessons with Patty Makatura 4 years ago and we keep coming back for more! Her gentle, expert instruction and caring spirit have led my daughter to blossom both as an artist and as a person. Patty has taught her so much about art and about how to see the world and now, Lizzy is using those skills on the yearbook at school, and on many school assignments, as well as in photography and in life. Patty taught Lizzy a whole new level of seeing and that has greatly enriched her life! I’d recommend her art classes to anyone and everyone!”
Jory, Seattle, WA

“We have appreciated your approach to introducing the kids to art and the way you encourage the children as you teach.”
Pearle, Seattle, WA

“My kids thought they didn’t want to go to art camp, but once they went I couldn’t get them to leave.  They loved it!  And they were so proud of all of their wonderful creations.  Thank you Patty!”
Suzanne, Seattle, WA (Kid’s summer camp program)

“I hired Patty to work with 250 school aged kids grades K-3rd grade. She created an age appropriate curriculum to incorporate Mexican culture into art work. She did a fabulous job executing the project. The kids had a great time and the projects were beautiful.”
Lauren, Seattle, WA

“Our two boys have taken a number of classes at A and C with Patty. She continues to amplify their passion for art and truly nurtures their growth as free expressive creators. We now have two beautiful works framed and hanging in our home that came from one of her sessions.”
Brad and Deina, Seattle, WA

“My daughter has developed a passion and skill for painting that she would not otherwise have had the opportunity to. Your teaching has been really phenomenal.”
Beth, Seattle, WA

“The backdrops that Patty created with our DISCOVER DANCE students were, in a word, amazing. Working in collaboration with sixty 5th graders, Patty helped the students distill the themes of each dance, translate those themes into visual images, and led them as they transferred and painted those images onto large-scale  backdrops for the final performance. The drops were exactly what we hoped for—beautiful, but most importantly they were student-led and created. Professionally, I was also impressed with Patty’s work as part of a large-scale team. She was always in communication, asked questions, and reached out to team members for input. As a manager, I was grateful for her artistic and administrative gifts!”

Kayti, Seattle, WA